Services & Products

Service and Maintenance

J&J Fire Engineering have a dedicated service team who deal with anything from routine maintenance calls to emergency call outs. They currently handle over 800 sites across the UK.

Our service department can schedule your routine sprinkler maintenance and provide you with a full inspection report for your health and safety records, they will also provide you with advice and help should you need it. The service team are equipped to carry out any remedial work you may require and can help you with any small extensions or modifications.

We have service vans based in both north and south of the country to help reduce response time and keep routine costs to a minimum.


We install not only sprinklers but other water based fire fighting installations, this helps ensure you get the right product for the right risk. We feel this is an important part of what we do, if we were restricted to a single product there is temptation to make square pegs fit in round holes – we want to ensure only round pegs go in round holes.

What do we offer,

BS 12845 Sprinkler Installations from Light Hazard through to fully calculated roof and rack installations.

BS 9251 Residential and Domestic Sprinklers

CEA 4001 Water Mist

BS9990 Dry Risers and Wet Risers

Hose Reels and hydrants

Sprinklers to NFPA 13 and FM standards.

Design and Consultation

Our engineers have LPCB accreditation for design, commissioning and inspection, all our design work is conducted in house which allows to closely monitor progress and ensure compliance with standards and the client’s requirements.

Sprinklers are a specialised trade and with many different kinds of systems on the market we can help select the right product for your application.

We are happy to offer our expertise at the planning stage to ensure that there is enough plant room space allocated to the sprinklers, feasibility etc.